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Samos Honey Hera is a family beekeeping company in Samos island. For 17 years it lays on the flat country of Chora village. It` goal is the production of quality products around beekeeping by using ethical agriculture technics. ( Greek honey , Pollen , Propolis , Royal Jelly , Beehives , etc with lesser or no use of drugs , modern packaging facilities , use of highly certified food containers and packages  and detailed chemical exams for every batch of honey ).Aside our commitment to quality products we would like to offer our customers a wider range of products. Therefore we store batches from each area of Samos to different stainless barrels to insure different tastes and aromas from each areas floral variety. After we extract each bach of honey samples are sent to certified labs in order to determine the floral origin and nutritional value.

Samos vegetation

Samos is considered an island of inconceivable beauty because it combines mountains and sea. Except its unique crystal waters beaches. It has to offer thickly wooded  wide mountain areas, trekking pathways, climbing fields, caves and canyons. Over 40 routes between thick mediterranean pine woods which offer a unique opportunity  to observe the islands complex fauna and vegetation. Mountain Kerkis as well as mountain Ambelos have rich fauna and host over 1400 native and rear species of plants. Therefore the complicity and special aroma of the Samos honey.

Distribution network and third-party contractors

We serve the wider area of Samos island. Our third-party contractors and especially our E-shop services the rest of Greece, Europe and Balkans. Our facilities are in full compliance with Hellenic Food Authority and we are about to integrate HACCP into our packaging plant. Constant changes are being made every year in order to upgrade our facilities and the production methods that we apply. Our supreme goal the distribution of high quality products in and out of Greece.

Our most batches of honey,pollen and byproducts are produced from distant areas of Samos. The top side of Manolates village , St.Konstantinos village , Kondeika village and Platanos village. Our higher purpose of avoiding heavily pesticide sprayed areas and also yo take advantage of the rich floral variety.

Beekeeping products are integral part of Samos traditional local products. They are special in colour , aroma and texture thanks to the micro-climate of the island. They usually contain clover, eucalyptus, lichen, sage, carob, thyme, ivy, heather. But the most intense presence is  pine and chestnut honey.

Articles about Samos Honey Hera

” Chef Andreas Lagos chooses pure honey from distant parts of his home country”